Must-Have Items to Ensure a Fantastic Flight

Remembering to pack these key few items is vital to my in-flight happiness:

  • Headphones - Obviously. But I still have a tip about them. The free headphones that airlines hand out are so uncomfortable and sound so horrible and, although I appreciate that they have them available, I desperately try to avoid having to use them. I don't have any fancy sound-canceling headphones or anything, I just use the standard 'ol Apple ones. But one thing to remember with these is that the headphones that come with the newer iPhones are either wireless or have an unique plug, so you can't use them to watch TV on the plane. Don't forget to bring a pair that will fit there as well!

  • Pre-downloaded tunes on my phone - My favorite way of doing this is to download my Spotify playlists and albums to my phone at home while I'm on wifi prior to heading out on my trip. I also have a few albums purchased from iTunes on my phone. A few of my favorite travel albums:
    -Favorite take-off album: Suburbia I've Given You All and Now I'm Nothing by The Wonder Years
    -Favorite in-flight albums: Wilder Mind by Mumford & Sons and After Laughter by Paramore (I actually listened to this album for the first time on a train from Brussels to Amsterdam and will always remember that exact moment in time)
    -Favorite music to sleep to (this is not an insult I promise, it's just pretty and relaxing): Where Have You Been All My Life? by Villagers

  • Headphone splitter - If you're traveling with someone, this is something that's so nice to have! If you want to watch a movie on a laptop or listen to music together, you can both plug into the same device.

  • Pre-downloaded e-books from your local library - I am a big fan of libraries. I love borrowing e-books and my Kindle is one of my favorite travel accessories. As much as I love actual books, it's so convenient not to have to lug a few around in your bags and, instead, have as many digital ones as you want right at your fingertips. I'm pretty sure all libraries at this point have an e-book program where you can "check out" digital books and download them onto your reading device. Advantageous and free. Check and check.

  • Sanitizing wipes - Yep, I'm that person who gets to her seat and whips out some wipes to clean my whole seat and tray table area. You won't make fun of me the first time you do it and see how much gross stuff comes off. Plus, who wants to acquire nasty germs and potentially get sick before you even get to your destination? Definitely not me.

  • A hoodie - For overnight flights on which I know I need to get some sleep, I wear a hoodie. A) for comfort, but more importantly B) because I put it on backwards and put the hood up over my face. Instant darkness, coziness, and hopefully slumber.

What do you always pack for the plane that we might not normally think of? Please share!