I want to plan your next trip!

Designing and booking a vacation is an elaborate and time-consuming process. If you wing it on the planning and don't put in the effort, there's a chance you might miss some of the best sights, restaurants, activities, and deals. If you prefer to get relaxing before your vacation even starts and put your plans in the hands of a seasoned traveler who's excited to do the research, I am happy to offer planning services for your next vacation. I provide itineraries as short as a one-day plan for those of you who want to put together most of your trip but might be curious about what I do and want to test it out OR I can take the reins and put together a full, comprehensive trip including travel, accommodation, and complete daily itinerary so that the time leading up to your vacation can be totally stress-free. My plans will be tailored to your unique likes, needs, and desires.

If this sounds like the trip-planning help you've been searching for, let's get chatting! Once I get an idea of what you have in mind for your trip and your desired level of planning assistance, I will send a complete questionnaire and package pricing so we can get going on creating your perfect vacation. Please fill out the form below to get started OR email me directly at brittanyexplores@gmail.com.

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